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17 November 2017 @ 08:38 am

Hello world,

Once again i've neglected again.

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21 March 2017 @ 09:55 pm

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22 December 2016 @ 02:23 pm
hello peeps,

been hitting a rough emotional patch these few days. Triggered by the return of the parents. If those 2 weeks were heaven then these would be its equivalent hell. Letting it out is never easy. Those professionals would say to seek counselling, how easy it would be to share and let the load of you. But once having did that (not to professionals) to my close aunt resulted in nothing. All it did was lay my burden on another persons shoulders. Having these negative thoughts and sometimes letting them go only resulted in scoldings from my sis. Likewise sharing them with my bff on serves as a burden to her. SO am i to keep my feelings bottled up? It's already eating me away.

So i shall vent/rant here. I know being patient and praying for the best for all is the way to go but sometimes it means knowing when to stand up for yourself. Going against your parents words may term you as an unfilial child, but when they cross boundaries to doing the unacceptable that the moment.

First we would need to retract our footsteps. Is it the problem lies with myself? Have I been too unappreciative first? Have we become to complacent that we expect her to fit into the role we want, without wanting the same for ourselves? Have we become to closed off in our pain that we ignore hers? Have we reached a point when every single thing we do to help annoys her? The little things that we failed to do only matters?

This would take me a long time to write. It's been already 4 hours since I've started but am not close to ending it. It's a topic that is sensitive enough to be kept hidden, but cancerous enough to the need to seek remedy for it. I'll cntinue my reflection and write the next part to it tmr or sometime soon. Cause we are living in a constant hell, tip toeing around enough not to make a ripple but when we do, then all hells break loose and all thats left are bitter feelings.
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06 December 2016 @ 08:05 pm

It's been awhile, a long while i might say! I checked and the last I wrote a post was slated on the beginning of October. WHICH WAS TWO MONTHS AGO. So let's catch up shall we...

The beginning of November, I finished my contract at HERE and left behind all my great friends (THE BEST, THEY MADE WORKING THERE BEARABLE) then I was off work for 2 weeks which i spent catching up with my friends. I eventually got a job which was not to my liking and I managed to endure for the week.

Right after that, I was sick almost for the whole of the next week and then this past sunday I sent my parents off for their umrah and it's officially P-AR-E-N-T-L-E-S-S for 2 week! And today my bff flew off for her 2 weeks exchange. I planned to send her off, but i was too high and drowsy from my flu meds. So thats the fast recap. I am planning to look for another job once the shock of getting that job wears off.

It'd a short post today.

Signing off,
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01 October 2016 @ 12:41 pm

  I finally have time and energy on my side to write a post. Eversince coming back from Jakarta, my energy levels have been low so all I did after coming home was to eat, prepare and iron clothes and then i was off to bed. It was worse for thurs and fri since her majesty on a full on clean hse mood, since my cousins were coming over on sat. (Correction: She sits on her throne and activate her loudspeaker while we servants do the cleaning).

  Since I dont have to attend my class today, I've been charged to do some remaining chores and now since i'm done i have time to rest. Hence, writing this post. As for now, I will take the chance to recap my Jakarta trip so lets get on with it!

Date: 23 September

  Our flight on friday was at 815 so we had to be at the airport by 615. After subuh prayers (0537hrs), we set off to fetch my aunt before heading to the airport. My aunt came down within 10 mins (A NEW RECORD) and off we go! We each brought with us our handbag and carry- on luggage. I was skeptical about the rules that both of them shld total be 7 kg. But my sis insisted that it was an old rule and that it was rarely enforced. For me, i would rather follow it then to be faced with consequences later and yes you guessed it, we were stopped. It might be by chance, but it was our stroke of bad luck that the security stopped us and told us to go weigh our bags. All luggage in we were withing the limits but then they told us to add in our handbags... that itself was probabby a shock. So long story short, we had 2 check in 2 luggages and pay $60. Let's take that as $60 worth of a new lesson learnt. Once inside the transit area, we checked our boarding gate before setting off to do some duty free shopping. By then it was arnd 7. My mom and aunt went to coffee bean for breakfast while my sis and i was busy shopping. OK, it was necessity shopping. I bought the big tub of kiehls eye cream that i frequently use while my sis bought some mascara as well as benefit items. We were then summoned to sit and finish up the pancakes and tea before we head off to the gate. By 730 the gate was already opened and my aunt and mom was anxious to reach there on time. To explain this anxiety, I'll do a small detour to tell you that the last time we went they took their own sweet time and did not think much of my constant rushing till our names were called out over the speaker and we had to do the walk of shame. That was not a good feeling at all. By 815, we were all boarded but were notified that there was a delay due to a fault so we only took off at 830. We managed to reach on time at arnd 9 ish (from here on its all in jakarta timing unless i state otherwise). We were expecting a driver to pick us up, but my sis told me that actually cik (cnz mom) will be there to fetch us and that was the surprise. I did play my part to act surprise but my sis spoilt it to tell my aunt that i actually alrdy knew.(such a wet blanket) On our way to the hotel, the cik passed us some pastries her clients gave for us and bef reaching the hotel i alrdy ate 3. Can't blame me I was hungry. Once we reached the hotel, they informed us that the room will be ready in 30 mins so cik went back to her hotel to check out first bef we checked into our room at ascott. Since there was 5 of us we took the 3 room suite, with 1 master bedroom attached toilet and the other 2 rooms had joining toilet which was just nice. Furthermore, there was an extra toilet as well. The room was equipped with a kitchen as well as a washing machine and a dryer if we wanted to do out laundry.  After leaving our things, we then headed to Thamrin City mall which to our surprise was much closer than expected. We headed to Esteller77 for lunch before beginning our shooping spree. She brought us to the basement level to find the jubah my mom wanted to buy for herself and the other aunts. It was also our first time exploring this floor and boy was there many things to look at and BUY. She managed to find the shop eventually which sold the set for arnd $22 compared to the $40++ my other aunt bought for. This jubah though was a better material but as the seson was over they had limited colours and sizing. While walking back she found another shop that sold it for even cheaper at $16. The best part was that they had much more sizes and colours. So now we had an alternative shop. After shopping around more, we left arnd 4 plus where we went to do our prayers before heading off for dinner. Before heading to the dinner place, we stopped by plaza indonesia to buy breadtalk for breakfast (HURRAY FOR HALAL BREAD) and then off we were for dinner. At dinner, we ordered a fish, meat soup, chicken, prawn and squid dishes and thankfully we all managed to finish it. Back at the hotel we took turn to freshen up before we all met again to review our purchases. Nope i kid you not, WE REVIEW OUR PURCASES. Then for the ones we bought we kept aside and then did a rough plan of what to buy the following day. The cik also showed us the few things she bought the previous days. I eventually knocked out at 12 ish while the rest stayed up till 1.

Date: 24 September

  The following morning after subuh, I was hit with a new set of news, that they have upgraded their luggage from 40 kg to 90 kg. IKR, Imagine how shocked i was myself. Mother said it was also so that cik could tumpang some of her luggage with us since it was more ex to buy extra luggage on sq. Hence she could resume shopping with more ease. Cik was actually a much worse shopper than us, in a sense that she buy lots and lots of things but with good intentions to give it to her large family. I enjoyed how easy it was to be around her since i'm not the kind to easily open up to strangers. Talking to her is like talking to a much older friend and that i really liked. She also treated us like her own daughters since she only had sons. She even offered to buy a nice dress for us as an advanced gift for our birthdays. I accepted the thought and was going to conveniently forget about it but she eventually passed us $40 to buy whatever we wanted. How big hearted she was. Her belief that we would receive as much as we give really struck a chord with me. So we used the money to buy this nice kain sulam that I wanted to buy on my previous trip. Oh we also found another shop to buy the jubah but similar case, lack sizing and colour. We also went to buy some lace cloth as we had he previous times. Their lace material is really good and cheap. In SG, 1 metre would cost above $10 while there it was at most $4. We ended out shopping spree at arnd 3ish and surprisingly no one was hungry for lunch so we decided to take a very late lunch/dinner. Though the initial plan was to eat first, we decided to go to thamrin first and buy the needed things before heading for dinner at pepper lunch. Luckily, the shops were still opened. We headed for dinner but were caught in a jam. EVentually we walked to the mall since it was way faster and it wasn't that far off actually. We all enjoyed our virgin pepper lunch dinner. Initially the plan was to go to grand indonesia afterwards but we decided to drop off our stuff at the hotel so we could send off the driver and the we walked to grand indonesia which wasnt far also. We went to Martha Tilaar and afterwards cik went off first since she wanted to collect the ny suharti chicken she insist we try for our supper and also she ordered sop buntut again which compared to the previous day was much more tasteful and bigger portion we kept for our breakfast. Aft she went off we went to 2 more shops including uniqlo bef we headed back. Once we reached home and bathed all, it was time to begin... THE PACKING SESSION. To the cik our packing session was fun since she was not much of packer, she confessed letting her husband do it. And she thoroughly enjoyed it as well. After packing we ate our supper, bef we all eventually slept at 1ish.

  Date: 25 September

  Our last day started off slightly later, we all except cik went to thamrin for some really last min purchases. Final luggage count was set at a total of 13 bags. WOW RIGHT! We left at 11ish to drop buy plaza indonesia for some last min buys and then off to the airport. Once we entered, the queue was longgggg but thankfully it was moving. Once we were inside, cik went to check in hers since she was on an earlier flight than us, then finally off to jetstar to check in ours. Safe to say were all within limit adn could now head in with lighter steps. I had a mini moment at the immigration when the officer and another guy said tht my ticket had an error. I was surprised and looked for the rest and just looked back at him and laughed. I mean what else to do in that situation... crying? Nope not my forte. It seemed weird to me since all the other passed through without issues. the officer looked and the other guy and told him that i laughed and he eventually passed me my passport. my mom and aunt deduce that he took a liking to me, while i was standing ground and telling them i know to kick them where it hurts. ahhah, my mom told the cik that despite me being small i'm quite the violent person and should not be taken lightly. I AGREE. We went our separate ways and agreed to meet each other when we reached SG. A quick bite at starbucks bef going to pray and off we were back to SG. At SG, my sis was held up at the immigration, and surprisingly our luggage came out pretty fast just in time for her to exit the immigration. We found out that cik actually just arrived and that her flight was delayed. We said out goodbye with some bittersweet feelings but agreed to go travelling again in the future. Surprisingly all our luggage managed to fit the car!

SO that's the end, t'was a long long long post. I really enjoyed myself. Total i bought 7 blouses,2 pants, 1 jacket, 2 cloths, head scarf, shoe and brooches. Shopping in jakarta is much more satisfying than in malaysia. But also depends on the season. The first time i went, the selection was much better than the next two trips. I recommend Thamrin City Mall and Tanah Abang, Block A,B and F

Later my cousins will be coming and all of that I'll write about it tmr, now off to do my other post that i need to do.


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28 September 2016 @ 10:07 pm
been out of myself the couple of days forgive if i do not post, hopefully, i'll be back to myself tmr or so
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27 September 2016 @ 10:06 pm
yo world,

slowly everything is catching up on me, feeling sick.... it sucks. but then again i had my drama. but today's episode was just sad...SADDDDD

ate meds alrdy so imma go and sleep now. nights

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26 September 2016 @ 10:40 pm

So I took a break. Last week, i went to JAKARTA(Fri-Sun) that i will recap another day either tmr or the day after.

Today i took leave since i knew that i was going to be tired. I woke up in the morning helped my mom with some of the chores and went out to meet bff for awhile to talk and pass her some goodies. We went to eat 4fingers and had ice cream at McDs. our plan to go karaoke totally failed when it was fully booked, ugh its annoying. Today's ep, mehhh tmr is when all the good deals will happen. so ciao guys i shall go off to iron my clothes and sleep

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22 September 2016 @ 10:26 am

Hi guys,

Yes, i know i missed posting ystd.

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20 September 2016 @ 10:39 pm

  Today's work was exhausting, it does help that i was sleepy and nothing was helping. On a brighter note, tmr my team wont be arnd! So there's less walking pass my table YAY!

  Scarlet Heart's episode was also exciting! From here one, it would be so exciting i cant wait for the coming episodes!


Soooo I'll just stop here, and be off to sleep! Tmr I have to resume packing my toiletries.


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